APC Back-UPS 700VA

Tsh 279,600

700VA, 230VAC UPS with AVR and IEC sockets

Battery Backup & Surge Protector for Electronics and Computers. Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) Automatically steps up low voltage and steps down high voltage to levels that are suitable for your equipment. Telephone dataline surge protection provides protection of connected equipment from power surges traveling on telephone lines. USB connection allows your PC to access additional power protection and management features for your UPS.

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Over & Under Voltage Protection

Product type:
Line interactive UPS

230V, 360W/700VA

162V – 290V AC

3 (uninterrupted) + 1 (surge protected) IEC sockets

USB interface, Automatic Voltage Stabiliser, LED indicator, audible alarm, short circuit and overload protection.

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