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Gold Star Deep-Cycle Solar battery 200Ah | A&A Computers

Gold Star Deep-Cycle Solar battery 200Ah

Tsh 770,531

Turing to the Ultimate Source of Power with 30 year of technological innovation in Automotive and Standby power solutions, Gold Star is known for its unparalleled expertise in batteries. Recognizing the importance of alternative energy source like solar power, Gold Star has now venture into producing batteries to power solar panels. Gold Star Batteries with their fast charging and low discharge rates, are designs to suit a wide range of Solar Panels.

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High quality and reliability :
Gold Star Positive plates support cast at high pressure which ensure void free structure, consistence grain orientation and protect the plate support from anodic corrosion. This is turn ensures high reliability and longer life.

Exceptional deep discharge recovery :
Gold Star Solar Batteries have exceptional discharge recovery, even after deep or prolonged discharge.

Low Maintenance – free operation:
Gold Star Tubular are cast with low antimony alloy which reduce the topping up frequency, making the battery as low maintenance type.

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